St Mary’s Church is open to everybody, everyday.

Rector:– Revd. Chris Ellis.    The Rectory, 29 Ashby Road, Thurton, NR14 6AX.                  Tel: 01508 484174            E-mail:

Churchwardens:- Mrs Elizabeth Bloomfield.   Nichols Corner, Church Meadow Lane, Alpington, NR14 7NF.                                                                                                                      Tel: 01508 493958           E-mail:

Mrs Leonie Smith.     10 Fortune Green, Alpington, NR14 7NN                                      Tel: 01508 493695           E-mail:

Secretary:- Mrs Karen Mallett.     The Beeches, 26 Upgate, Poringland, NR14 7SH          Tel: 01508 491099           E-mail:

Treasurer:- Mr Doug Ratcliffe.  39 Norwich Road, Brooke, NR145 1AB                              Tel: 01508 558837           E-mail:

Please contact any of the above for help with church business or use the form below if you have a general inquiry or comment.

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