HLF Project

St Mary’s Heritage Lottery Funded restoration project.

Back in 2014 the situation was serious, there were so many parts of the building in need of urgent repair it was impossible to decide where to spend our meagre funds. £12,000 doesn’t go very far when there is £180,000 worth of work to be done.

All the horrific details were explained in our architect’s supplementary quinquennial report which you can read here. Yelverton Supplimentary Report 7th February 2014

At the suggestion of our architect we grouped all the urgent work together into one project and set about writing an application for a HLF grant. Largely because St Mary’s is a Grade 1 listed building and an important piece of national heritage we were successful. The actual restoration work began in spring 2016 and has just been completed, in January 2018, with the installation of heating in the south aisle.

The projected cost of the project is £190,000. The Heritage Lottery Fund grant should cover 77% of that, leaving the parish to find the remaining £44,000.

The tower before restoration.

The pictures do not show the barrier erected at the base of the tower, to protect visitors from falling masonry, which had been in place for 15 years.

The roof, parapets and gutters before restoration.

 Work begins May 2016

Working on the tower.

Work on the roof.

The Church in January 2018

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